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80s Picturehouse Episode 65: The 80’s Pumpkin House.

October 31st, 2013

The 1st of an annual Halloween show, where we chat with listeners and celebrities worldwide.

For all the details, please make sure to read the notes on our website:

80s Picturehouse Episode 64: In Conversation With Darrell ‘Dwarf’ Millar.

October 18th, 2013

In the 19th of our 'In Conversation With' series, we chat rock music with Darrell 'Dwarf' Millar.

Hear about:
Making his live debut aged only 15.
Meeting Russ and the formation of Killer Dwarfs.
Those great 1980's music videos.
Bruce Dickinson throwing him off the stage.
Recording and touring with Laidlaw and
Why did Darrell NOT want to win an award!?
All of the above and more can be heard in this rockin' episode.

80s Picturehouse Episode 63: In Conversation With Jim Wynorski.

October 11th, 2013

In the 18th of our 'In Conversation With' series we chat with the hugely entertaining Director Jim Wynorski.

Hear stories about:
How he came to write his book.
The upcoming HD widescreen release of 'The Lost Empire' (1985)
Which actress he hates.
What movie to watch out for a bald tyre.
We correct IMDB on one of his Directing alternate names.
A documentary about Jim that you HAVE to watch.
All of the above and MUCH more can be heard in this very entertaining episode.
I don't think we've ever laughed so much during an interview episode!

80s Picturehouse Episode 62: Back In The Podcast Groove.

October 10th, 2013

We are back with a regular format show.

Hear what Dave & Thom have been up to.
Buster is the movie pick.
Bonfire:Fireworks is this weeks album.
The outtakes are back!

80s Picturehouse Episode 61: In Conversation With Jay & Matt From Tigertailz.

October 1st, 2013

In the 17th of our 'In Conversation With' series, we chat with Jay and Matt from Tigertailz.

Hear about their early lives and musical influences.
The formation of Tigertailz.
Recording albums and line-up changes.
On the road with various bands.
Changes in the music industry.
The upcoming release of 'Knives'.
The 2013 UK Tour.
All the above and much more can be heard in this rockin' episode.