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80s Picturehouse Episode 19: Candy Covered Root Vegetables.

October 30th, 2012

We tell you the ultimate drinking game movie.

David Lynch sings!

Find out why Dave is Britain's scariest person.

We introduce the News quiz...can you do better than Thom?

Trick Or Treat is our Halloween movie.

David Bowie and Scary Monsters.

Our Halloween 'oddity' chat turns into something rather unexpected!



80s Picturehouse Episode 18: It’s Just A Name.

October 24th, 2012

We are now 18, but do we leave childish things behind?

Hulk Hogan continues to give us news.

Guess the artists songs.

Thom discovers more about Emmanuel.

Nightmare City.

Seasons End.

1980's Late Night TV.


We reach Episode 18 and should really grow up a bit...but do we!?


Hulk Hogan continues to give us the best news stories.


How many songs by artists from 'The Hit Factory' can Thom name? How about you?

Thom's regular Google session this time takes him into the world of Emmanuel.


Is Dave's opinion of Marillion the same as Thom's? Find out as we listen to Seasons End.


We go back and look into late night TV in the 1980's.


We are very appreciative of our 1st email...thank you Aaron!

Links that we mention in the show are: (Our emailers band) (A link to the trailer for The Venus Complex by Barbie Wilde on Youtube) (Facebook page for The Venus Complex)


80s Picturehouse Episode 17: Who Let The Dogg Out?

October 17th, 2012

We are joined by our very special guest, Neil 'KidDogg' Taylor.

A news section of Hulk proportions.

We view, but don't kill, James Bond.

We rock to Anthrax.

CBBC Broom there an age limit to watching it?

Outtakes galore finish off a marathon podcast.


Episode 17 is the first to feature a special guest to join us for the full show talking about our usual mix of chat, news, movie, music, and oddity. We welcome Neil 'KidDogg' Taylor into our Green Room.

Hulk Hogan dominates the news section, and you can hear where he keeps his glow stick!


We discuss James Bond, and if he really could 'get it up' for Grace Jones.

The music pick is one of Neil's favourites, but how will Dave and Thom's thumbs be positioned after hearing it?


The CBBC Broom Cupboard is this weeks oddity, and Dave desperately tries to defend watching it in his 20's!

BroomCupboard1.gif BroomCupboard2.gif

Yet again, we all go off on tangents from the subject in hand, and 'hot' Blue Peter presenters get Thom reminiscing


Links that we mention in the show are: (The official BBC webpage, which includes loads of video clips to watch) (An unofficial history of Children's BBC presentation) (Edd The Duck music video)


80s Picturehouse Episode 16: Plump And Tasty.

October 9th, 2012

Post gig stories.

Sexy news.

Tiger balls.

Goth music.

Shootouts and shoutouts.



80s Picturehouse Episode 15: Return Of The Spoon.

October 2nd, 2012

A gig filled week for our podcast team.

Satin KISS covers.

A toxic high and huge erections.

Are .38 Special really special?

Dave and Thom get equalized.